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UPDATE EMMA was a street stray from Sarasota county. She was turned over to us because she is a bit of a wild child but from what we can see she settles well and she is super affectionate and has a great temperament with other dogs and especially people.  She has shown us how settled and stable she is while being in foster now for 2 weeks. During that time she was spayed, had all shots and chipped and showed HW Neg. She likes both men and women and kids and bonds quickly. She is dog friendly and adapts well to a home. She is housebroken and has had some excellent training in social skills over these past 3 weeks since her arrival in foster. She was tested when she came in with multiple dogs and she is totally social. She lacks formal obedience training on a lead but does come when called even though she had just learned her name.  She seems totally house broken as we had her here for hours and she peed and pooped outside and did show us the door when she had to go. She proved that in foster and we now know she is very adaptable to home living. She responded well to a prong collar and although quite nervous she was affectionate to a fault and got her shots, hw test (neg) and chip like a trooper. She has flopped ears but cosmetics are not part of our criteria for acceptance to rescue where temperament and personality, sociability are the main factors.

Hi, my name is Emma and I'd love to meet you! I am sweet and very affectionate! I get along well with people of all ages and other dogs, but not the vacuum! I've never met cats or other animals. I am a very mellow dog, but can get excited easily and get a bit rambunctious. I am potty trained, but need to go out often. I love to play with other dogs and toys, especially squeaky tennis balls! I love to snuggle and get belly rubs! I need a little more training, but I know the words: sit, stay, and no. Thunder makes me a little nervous sometimes. When my person leaves the house, I really miss them and are very happy when they get back. I like my crate with cozy blankets. I was just spayed, they even gave me a tattoo! I have a microchip and am up to date on my vaccines! I am a good watchdog and will make intruders think twice!