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EMMA NEEDS A NEW FAMILY EMMA was a street stray from Sarasota county. She was turned over to uis because she is a bit of a wild child but from we we can see she settles well and she is super affectionate and has a great temperament with other dogs and especially people.  She likes both men and women and bonds quickly. She was tested today with multiple dogs and she is totally social. She lack training on a lead but does come when called even though she had just learned her name.  She seems totally house broken as we had her here for hours and she peed and pooped outside and did show us the door when she had to go. She responded well to a prong collar and although quite nervous she was affectionate to a fault and got her shots, hw test (neg) and chip like a trooper. She has flopped ears but cosmetics are not part of our criteria for acceptance to rescue where temperament and personality, sociability are the main factors.