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OBI HAS A HOME Obi is a 2 year old ball of love. HE IS A NEUTERED MALE LONG HAIR GSD.
OBI is up to date on shots, HW Neg, obedience trained and affectionate with people and dogs and kids but he isn't good with CATS. He is a big teddy bear. He has a very dopey and goofy personality. He LOVES attention and is so loyal, he follows his owner around the house 24 hours a day. If you stand up he stands up. He has spent the last year of his life with a young female in her home on a few acres of land and loves to run in his huge yard. He loves to chase a ball and if you don’t bring a ball outside with you, he will go find something to bring back to you so you can throw it. (He has found bricks and brought them to me before) He doesn’t know how big he is so his personal space boundaries could use some help. He is very smart and wants to learn. He will lay down and wait until you place his food on the ground and you say okay before he eats. He walks decently on a leash with a martingale collar and does really well on a leash with a prong collar. He wants to work constantly and will need lots of exercise and love and attention. He loves to cuddle and is a huge couch potato. He is great with kids of all ages but again he is unaware of how big he is so he sometimes can knock them over. He does not do well with cats. He does well with other dogs depending on the circumstances! He grew up around 3 other dogs. He's just a big happy guy that wants to love someone.