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SIMBA NEEDS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY SIMBA was originally relinquished to the AWL when he was turned over to us 3/1/21. He is clearly a wild child, untrained and has no manners. He is a good dog and in no way dangerous. He just needs a skilled hand and an alpha personality in an owner to get his attention and to get control of him. he has boded with both males and females and has no gender bias but needs a strong hand and will to control him. Once he is trained that will all change. He is being housed at this juncture at mY BUDDIES PET CENTER in Port Charlotte where he is being trained by Monica and Adam. Once his is trained he will be ready for prime tie and adoption. At this moment he is available to be seen and worked with, so my recommendation is that if you are up for the challenge then Simba may be a fabulous find. Simba weighs about 90 ponds and he is all muscle. He is neutered, NW NEG and in excellent condition. He is primarily tan with a light saddle. He has been worked with a prong and an e collar and responds very well. If you are a single dog home with the time and skill to step up to a dog like this, Simba will make a terrific family member. He did live with someone in a home prior to coming to us and because he has been in the kennel for a while will need a refresher on bathroom rules. He is not destructive and has never bitten anyone.

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