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SWEET KOKO HAS A NEW FAMILY AND HOME KOKO came to us from a relinquishment (divorce)( about 3 weeks ago (3/3) and we decided to foster her before releasing her for adoption.  She immediately won our hearts over and we began to train her...  the option opened to us to actually adopt her.  As the weeks went on we realized that our pack of 7 was agitated and somewhat unsettled with the new arrival.  During that time KOKO learned to accept being last in the pack pecking order and was doing fine.  Having another young dog in the pack was a bit much for us and now that she has been trained and super social, we have decided to place her up for adoption.  KOKO can swim, she knows all commands, she walk perfectly on a lead and has all basic command skills down to a science verbally in with signals. Her recall is excellent and she loves our cats and has not met a dog or person or child she doesn't like. She is calm and yet super playful. She learned to fetch from the others in the pack and she is housebroken, healthy and extremely affectionate.  She has a bit of alpha female in her make-up and would be best in a home where she could be dominate, or at least have others less so, such that she could assume a commanding position.  She learns quickly and wants to please you.  She is probably a mix but we are not sure what she is mixed with. She has every GSD trait but there is something in the mix... we didn't care because temperament and personality win the day for us.  She weighs about 53 pounds and she is 1.5 years old and spayed, HW Neg and healthy.  If you are that special young active family who wants a great dog and if you can convince my wife and I that you will love her and give her the home, love and exercise she deserves, then you can apply to adopt her.