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YOUNG BEAR HAS A NEW HOIME Bear is a 1+ year old all Black, and a bit scrawny, male GSD. He is currently in-tact with all shots, but will be neutered this coming week. He is crate trained and house broken.  He had basic alpha tendencies when he lived with 3 other dogs, but overall he is more fearful and seeks his owners protection. He would be fine with training and will make a great dog if the work is put into him.  WE DO NOT HAVE A FOSTER FOR HIM. If you wanted to foster him and have no other pets, please contact me.  He is OK with other larger dogs, but untested with smaller ones. He is not good with cats as he will chase them. He would be best suited for a one dog household, where the owners and all family members are alpha. i don't suggest him with small kids as his fear could get worse with that type of activity level, unless he is trained and then desensitized to a chaotic home. TRAINING THIS DOG IS A MUST. He needs to go into at least 2 six week sessions with a social trainer and at least 6 dogs in the class. He needs more self assurance and he needs leadership to come out of his shell. He doesn't go up to strangers immediately but does in time. If you approach him he is OK but will need time and reassurance that all is well and he can warm up.