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HANDSOME CZAR NEEDS A NEW FAMILY Let's face it CZAR is closer to a pony than a pooch, but none the less he is a lover and a fabulous companion animal. Czar is a 2 year old black and tan, GSD Mixed with Mastiff, which means big ...but sweet with a table clearing tail and loving demeanor. His is trained but needs way more basic skills than the family gave to him, in that he does have a tendency to jump but does know the command off... thank goodness. He has manners and he is house broken but not crate trained. He must get into a basic class so that you, the new family, have sufficient verbal control of this big boy. At 135 pounds, he also needs lots of exercise, so if you are not prepared to train him and to give him lots of walks and park runs, please do not apply for this dog. At 2 yrs old he needs a young family, even a single woman or man would work with him. We have determined based on his interactions during the last few days that we have seen, he is best in a no small dog or even young kid household. He was placed in a home this past weekend with 2 small dogs and a baby (toddler). His interactions with the two small dogs showed us that he did tend to guard his toys, and at his size that needs to be addressed with training. No aggression toward the dogs or people just a clear guarding behavior. Training like that is not viable with young kids. He became nervous with the child screaming and running around as toddlers do. His reaction was to bark to calm the baby but here again that is not an acceptable response behavior for a dog you don't know. Once his responses are known, he will be regarded as a pussy cat, but that takes time and training. He seemed to bond quickly with mom but was not ready to listen to dad when he offered commands. He was not aggressive but since his 'ways of reacting to situations' were not known to the new family they were concerned with is bark. He is untested with cats. He has all shots and he is neutered, housebroken and calm. I would strongly suggest having the proper strength and be of an age where you can handle him if applying.
CZAR was taken to a second home after being returned and that home had 2 adults, a mother-in-law and a small yappy aggressive dog. He did not do well there until the small dog was extracted from the equation at which time he settled down and did wonderfully with the adults. Our determination is NO SMALL DOGS, NO CATS, NO KIDS.

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