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UPDATE LOOKS LIKE TITAN HAS A HOME, WE WILL KNOW TOMORROW THURS TITAN come into the rescue today with is best friend THOR. They were both recovered from a back yard breeder who left them for dead in his yard when he vacated. He was found by another small independent rescue who cared for both dogs and sought medical care for them before reaching out to us to take them. They are surely each a project, but we believe that they both can recover, or we will do what we can for both to give them their best chance at a life.
Titan is about 8ish and he is HW Pos as well as having eye, ear and major skin issues. He has a major tumor on his chin, one on his butt and a large on on his hind leg. We don't know the nature of these as yet but we will find out Tuesday at the clinic. He is a handsome red and black color and weighs (now) about 77 pounds, he needs to be 96. The first vet did say these tumors were not cancer, but that is up in the air at this point as we did not see that a biopsy was taken and evaluated. The rescue will fund his recovery, and if he is adopted, the rescue will have him treated locally at our AWL clinic. He is under weight and his teeth are in horrendous shape meaning he will probably be on wet food for his lifetime. His rear teeth are fine but his front ones are worn way down. This boy is in poor condition but we truly feel that with time and med care he will recover. We have done this before with dogs in worse shape and they all came through. Modern medicine is a life saver, and combined wit TLC can be a game changer. If you wish to help him through contributions or adoption, please do so.