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  • Wednesday, December 09 2020 @ 03:54 pm EST
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We have decided to put Cassie up for adoption. Cassie was relinquished to us a few months ago at 4 months of age. She had some issues that most untrained puppies have and the owner decided that she was incapable of training her and gave her to us. All puppies exhibit traits that will be with them for life unless they are redirected and trained out. These issues are now resolved. She is an alpha female and will become a strong willed adult dog unless she has a strong leader and continues quality socialized training. She graduated from Star Puppy and she is now in socialized Basic Obedience classes. She is super people, dog and cat friendly. She has joined our pack and has been with us now for about 10 weeks. She is 6 months 2wks old. She is spayed, has all shots, chipped, crate trained and housebroken. She swims, gets the paper and is a typical shep puppy with tons of endless energy. She is a beautiful brown sable color and will probably not get much bigger than 50 pounds. She has just started her next growth spirt. This dog needs a home that has other dog(s), preferably GSD's as she plays rough like a shep. She needs a strong alpha parent(s) and we would recommend that she not go to families with really young kids (8 and under). The new adopter would have to agree to continue her training through CGC and place a bond to that effect upon adoption. We will be quite picky with a prospective family as Cassie has become a pack member here, and as such a member of our family. We have decided that at our age and with the amount of dogs and obligations we have that a puppy is just over the top. If you are interested in her, and meet the requirements we have set, that you put in an application on line and set up a face to face interview where you can meet us and Cassie to see how things work out.