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  • Monday, November 30 2020 @ 02:03 pm EST
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SWEET MARTHA HAS A NEW HOMNE AND FAMILY Another young girl came into the rescue today 11/30. Her name is Martha. She is just 8months old but a bit of a wild child. She is a spayed sable female GSD. She is, UTD shots with some basic obedience skills training, house broken high energy, alert and affectionate. She is highly active and full of energy. If the energy is not channeled correctly she could be too wild for most families. She needs a strong leader (alpha)(and someone wiling to spend the time to get this girl under control. She had lived with 2 small kids and 2 small dogs and was fine; but she was just toooo much dog for the 2 and 4 year old kids and we do not recommend her for families with kids or grand kids at this time. She came from a loving home and she was well cared for. Her ears DO FLOP but her personality and temperament are excellent She takes direction well but only from a strong leader ready to get her attention and demand compliance with proper behavior and manners. She will fall under the puppy process with the rescue in that she will have to have a $500 bond put up to insure she gets basic obedience training by 1/31/2021 in order to not get charged and have to return her! This pretty girl can be yours if you reach out to us asap since she will go fast. She got on very well with my Farley and she is great with people and older (12 and up) kids as are most sheps. I would NOT recommend her with families with small kids or families that are not prior GSD owners. She can be a challenge but one well worth taking on since she has the right temperament to be a fabulous dog.

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