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Her foster wrote:
I’ve had Mika and Raven in my home for a couple of weeks. They are both such sweet and loving dogs.

Raven likes to just be with you – she’ll lay by you while you work and follow you around the house. She is also content to sit on the back porch and enjoy the view. She does love to play with frisbees and balls – she’s a bit overweight, but she still loves to try and jump and catch them. She really enjoys tug of war, and loves to give you a toy, wait for you to try and take it and then snatch it away.

Mika has quite a bit more energy – she loves to play with toys that make noises, and she loves when I throw the toy to the top of the stairs and she has to run up and get it – She loves to be outside and watch the birds and squirrels. Unfortunately she is a fence climber and once something distracts her she will make a run for it.

They are both great with kids – I have (2) four year old grand daughters and they were both very good with them. Mika especially, as she would let the girls comb her and brush her and they followed her all over my playground. Raven enjoyed the girls just sitting and petting her.

Both dogs really enjoy going for walks, and get very excited when you pull out the leash! Also, both dogs are housebroken – not one accident since they have been with me.

Raven has some good manners, seems to know to sit and stay and come when called. Mika not so much – she knows her name well, but if she’s gone over the fence and is distracted she is difficult to catch as she doesn’t just come when called.

Erick - I hope this helps. These are such great dogs and I know there is a perfect family for them out ther.

Thank you so much for what you do.

RAVEN # 1 (as we have had another Raven this year) came into the rescue today 11/20 because her dad suddenly passed away and we were asked by the family in CO to take her and her sister Mika#1.
Both of them are healthy chipped HW Neg as far as we know and UTD on shots and spayed. Raven#1 is the alpha amongst the two of them and Mika follows along with what Raven says and does. Raven is a chunky bunny at 20 pounds overweight. Since she is 8 years old, we strongly recommend that she get lots of exercise and a diet. She was always around the house with her owner which is why she got fat as well as probably eating people food. No walks and no real activity caused her to get heavy but that can easily be reversed. She is quite active and likes to play ball and to walk with you. Raven weighs about 100 pounds. She is a pretty dog with a great temperament towards people and we have really yet to test her with dogs and cats. She was calm in the shelter with lots of barking going on. If you are interested in Raven or the sisters together please call us.

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