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KELO HAS A NEW FAMILY KELO came into the rescue 10/15, in the dead of night from the east coast. He was dumped on a highway and left. He was found by a passer by who had 2 GSD's himself and took him home. He called us and we had him transported by a volunteer to our foster. When he arrived, stinky didn't begin to describe his awful condition. He has one foot broken and the other front paw, hyper extended. He is of all things HW Neg and that is a miracle based on his condition. He was able to get around but needs some ortho work which we will try and provide but we need to know more about his condition before we can commit to even the feasibility of the fix. As of now, he can get around OK, he loves to swim, and being petted. He is fine with people and excellent with other dogs. He is calm and playful and ready for a new chance at life. He is black and tan and about 75 pounds. We feel he will be 100 pounds when we put his weight back on but that is worrisome since his front paws need ortho attention. Once we neuter him and deal with any other issues he has we will get him to our doc to see if he can be fixed and what the prognosis is for getting around. For now he is happy and in safe hands; playful and engaged and loved.

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