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  • Saturday, October 17 2020 @ 05:56 pm EDT
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HANDSOME OTIS HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY OTIS arrived at the rescue (in foster) today 10/17 from the Sarasota area. He is a beautiful white 6 year old GSD. He is going to look great once we clean him up and I will repost new photos once I have them, but for now his fur is a bit dirty and yet even after 11 days in the shelter he is happy, engaged and people and dog friendly. He takes treats well and loves to be petted and handled. He did seem to respond to basic commands but not knowing his new name, he was more into my voice and petting than obedience. He is calm and non reactive but we have not seen him in a home as yet. He weighs about 90 pounds and he is a big solid boy. He will get his shots and neuter next week and he will be tested for HW then as well. There is a distinct possibility that he will be positive, but we will have to wait and see. Otis seems to have lived in a home and is not phased by a chance in scenery or new people or events. He was calm in the shelter with other dogs and responded readily to my intro to him. He put a leash on and accepted a correction immediately. He did have some stress poop which we will treat today. This is a nice dog and worthy of most any family. If you are interested in him, give us a call.

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