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  • Thursday, October 08 2020 @ 02:01 pm EDT
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BELLA HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY BELLA1 came to us 10/7 as an owner surrender to a shelter and was turned over to us for placement. She was turned in with a Mal who has since gone to Mal Rescue. Bella1 is almost 2 years old. We have her records and we know she was well cared for. She will be spayed in the coming days but for now she is in a foster home. She is about 60 pounds and in perfect shape. She likes people and other dogs smaller better than larger ones. She is a bit reactive when approached from the rear and requires a good deal of socialization and obedience training. She has limited manners on a leash but I did work her on a prong and she was just fine. He foster has worked with her now for a week and she is improving but seems a bit skittish in some situations. She is classic black and light tan (closer to silver) and as you can see very pretty. If Bella1 is the dog to complete your family fill out an application and call me asap. We now recommend that she NOT GO TO FAMILIES WITH SMALL KIDS OR GRANDCHILDREN because she does not have the manners for that type of home. She enjoys play and needs an active family. She does get very attached, as most sheps do and therefore she needs a qualified alpha in the home to make sure she can take direction and accept news dogs and people.