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  • Wednesday, October 07 2020 @ 08:32 pm EDT
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SWEET MONO HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY MONO, which means Money is a really sweet affectionate dog. He has no manners and needs a strong hand for obedience. He came in with his sibling Capone. They are both 2 years old. He will be neutered next week and given all shots and a chip. He is HW Neg. He was relinquished from a loving home because the owner just didn't have the time for him or his brother. They are both social and well adjusted. They love people and dogs, untested with cats. He is very active and in need of a strong hand and a leader or he will own you. He is eager to play and to learn but he has been given free reign and therefore a bit of a wild child. Sweet and affectionate but needs a strong hand and leader. He does have flopped ears that do come up on occasion. He is cute and has a great personality. He is playful and engaged with people. If you are interested in him, he and his brother will be adopted separately.