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PIPPA NEEDS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY Here we have PIPPA, a 5 year old strikingly beautiful, long haired, healthy female GSD. Pippa is available for adoption but there are caveats and conditions that are to be met by any prospective adopter. We recommend only people with specific behavioral training experience apply. Pippa is reactive when she first meets people and is fearful of men and strangers. She needs discipline and a firm hand at first to handle her initial reactivity. Dale did a few hours with her today and we are quite confident she can be turned around but it will take work, consistency and dedication to get her to be the dog I know she can be. I do not recommend families with kids, although after her training she would do find with most kids 10 years of age and up. (but after training). She has been primarily around women but can easily be schooled to accept everyone.
Pippa lived with 2 dogs, a male GSD and a male Lab and was fine with both of them. We did not test her with other dogs she doesn't know because she was reactive with people and I chose not to further stress her out.
She is being relinquished from a home as a result of a divorce and was always cared for and loved. She lived with 2 small children and has never hurt anyone. She is verbally reactive and has some fear aggression with new people and protective of her 'person'. She is somewhat trained in basic commands, not at all destructive, crate trained, rides well, UTD on shots, HW Neg and spayed. We put her on an E collar and she did very well. We also showed her a prong and she was able to be walked with two fingers. She CAN LEARN quickly and she is receptive to an alpha personality. The big issues is that if you are not willing to do the training and keep it up, this is not the dog for you. If you are interested in her please call for an appointment and an interview to discuss her needs.