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ZEUS HAS ANEW HOME AND FAMILY ZEUS was given to us by a family who could no longer keep him. He was originally found on the street as a puppy sand they basically took him home and raised him with their two smaller dogs. Zeus has a deformity in that his bottom K-9's never grew in and he is missing them. He is fine in all other respects but does show some leg and hip problems, none of which preclude him having a good life.
He weighs about 60 pounds and he is HW Neg and has all shots and he is neutered. He was loved and was extremely affectionate with his current and prior owners. He is 2 years old.
When he was recently adopted he was introduced to the families 2 dogs. One of these dogs is small and the other a 2 year old nutsy crazy sweet Golden female. She is a little much for Zeus and the match isn't going as planned. The family is concerned with their compatibility and the fact that he can't keep up with her.
Zeus would be best placed with a more sedate family who has no other dogs and who will spend the maximum amount of time with him. He is crate trained, house broken and affectionate. Zeus may not be the best looking or 'perfect' gsd around but he will make a family a great loving pet.