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HANDSOME OTTO HAS A NEW FAMILY OTTO originally came into the rescue with his brother Oden. Otto was in need of some retraining and was placed in foster in Bonita to get healthy and somewhat trained. He has done both well and he is now ready for a new family.
Otto is about a year old. He is a sable neutered male, heartworm NEG with all shots and a chip. He is house trained, crate trained and social. he likes women better than men but warms up to guys after a shot time. He is not aggressive in any way, just stays a bit shy when he first meets a man but is all over a woman at first meeting. He is exceptional with kids and very good with other dogs big and small. He needs more training but knows the basics. He is a chewer and needs to have sufficient chew toys and bones to occupy his time. He learns well and if you spend time with him, he will show you just how smart he is. Otto is an active pup who needs a job and an attentive family who will teach and play with him. Otto is about 70 pounds and he will be about 85 when he is done growing. If you want to see him, please call for an appointment.