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DJ NEEDS A NEW FAMILY DJ was originally relinquished to us from a man who has since passed away. DJ was use to having his person around all of the time and when he passed away DJ was left without a 'person' to call his own. He was initially given to an older adopter which seemed to be a seamless transition from his prior owner. It was love at first sight with the man. DJ adapted to the new home well, and although it took a bit of time for his wife to fall in love with him, she eventually did and he has been there for about a year. The owner has had a stroke and now has decided that in order to give DJ the best life he can that DJ should be relinquished to a more active home where hecan flourish.
DJ is about 7+ years old. He is active and healthy but does prefer to be with someone as a companion and limits his play and dog interaction considerably. He does seem to like female dogs and doesn't seem to like dominant males. We know this from our foster experience with him. He tolerates dogs but does like the ladies best.
He is housebroken, somewhat trained, affectionate, healthy, HW Neg, neutered and has not been with really young kids but he seems fine with most people. He does want attention from everyone he meets and readily give it.
He is not destructive and does want to please you.
If you are interested in a great companion, DJ is your man.

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