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HANDSOME HARRY HAS A NEW FAMILY Handsome Harry came into us as a street stray from the Tampa area. He and a female, also a sable, were discarded on the street. they remain in the same area awaiting their owners return but no one came. The neighbors fed them and finally after a week one of the neighbors took both in. They turned out to be sweeties and the female, Harriet, went to her new home immediately from a vetted adopter. The male, Harry is in foster care.
Harry is about 75 pounds. He is HW POS (which we will treat) and he will be neutered next week in the Port Charlotte area where he is currently being fostered. Harry is housebroken but pretty much untrained... to say "he don't know' sit" is accurate, but he is people and dog friendly. His temperament is excellent and he does love being petted and will respond well to training once he gets into a forever home. Harry is otherwise healthy and appears to be about 3 years old. He responds to touch very well and he is affectionate and handsome. If you wish to meet him please call us for an appointment.

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