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BIG... BRUNO HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY BRUNO came to us on 8/25/19 from a vet on the East Coast. He was relinquished to the vet because the family who got him no longer wanted him now that we was 18 months old and 100 pounds!. He is a Shep -Rottie - Husky mix we think and not a GSD, but with a temperament and personality compatible with a family who knows how to train a young pup. He is good with dogs, people and kids and does need training because he does jump and although he listens to commands, he needs A STRONG LEADER. We do not recommend him with small kids because he is yet to be trained around little people. He is sweet but a big dog who has limited manners. He is housebroken but needs toys and stimulation AND TRAINING to keep this big puppy occupied. He needs to be crated until he is trained with toys and possessions of his rather than possessions of yours and your kids. He is in a foster home in Cape Coral now and we have experienced a bit of chewing, which is why I am suggesting crate training immediately. At 18 months of age he is great with other dogs, but he is all about play and must be with a dog of a similar size and play type so as to insure the safety of both dogs. He is just too big and clumsy to be playing with a 5 pound puppy. He is untested with cats. He has all shots, he is HW Neg and neutered. He walks well on a lead with a prong collar, but lacks basic training skills which need to be done immediately to insure you have a well behaved social pet. He is currently being fostered in Cape Coral and can be seen by appointment most any time.
He likes water from the hose, getting dirty. getting a bath. getting dried and hands on affection. He needs manners and a strong leader as he has had no rules in the past and he has seemingly gotten away with doing what he wanted to.

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