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CJ NEEDS A NEW FAMILY CJ was turned into the Tampa shelter because his owners moved and would not take him. He was depressed and looks at everyone as a potential mommy or daddy. He is a 70 pound male, predominately black neutered GSD. He is house broken and somewhat trained but does pull without a prong and yet is very responsive to commands. He likes treats and is a typical velcro dog. He has been in two homes over a few days with us and both were not a good fit. He needs a master family that can train him. He doesn't jump and is quite polite when meeting people. A bit aloof like most GSD, but warms up in 5 minutes with the help of string cheese and chicken jerky. He does NOT like going to the vet, which is why he was returned. He needs to be muzzled because for some reason going to the vet is very stressful to him. He is UNTESTED with cats and therefore not a candidate for families with kitties or small dogs. He has all shots and he is chipped. CJ was a family dog and will do extremely well with a new loving family.
He does have a quirk in that he does not like getting blood drawn or going to the vet for that matter and should be muzzled or sedated if he needs lots of vet medical work. He is totally fine being handled, petted and getting trained, its the restraint and shots or needles that makes him nervous. CJ was a companion and a family pet and as such is not destructive and seeks out affection.

He is HW Neg, has all shots and he is a handsome dog. If CJ is a dog you would like to meet please let us know.