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SWEET PUDDIN NEEDS A NEW HOME PUDDIN came in yesterday evening to the rescue. She is a 5 year old black and tan female GSD. She has been owned since she was 10 weeks by a couple who, for health reasons, can no longer care for her. He is somewhat trained, super friendly with people and dogs, up to date on shots, chipped, spayed and healthy. She does have two minor issues that need to be discussed. The first is Panus which is a disease of the eye where a film forms over the eye and if left untreated can cause blindness. She is on eye drops which will keep the issue from becoming a problem. These are very inexpensive and need to be done 2x a day (simple eye drops). He other condition which is also no big deal is that her pancreas needs an enzyme to help her digest. This requires a teaspoon of a special powder be put on her food. The cost of this is also minimal and with it her health is perfect.
Puddin is a super friendly dog who loves to play ball and is really affectionate. Since she has been unable to play of late she really craves attention and human interaction.
Puddin is lean and lanky and weighs about 70 pounds. She is really pretty and has great hips and runs like the wind. She is available immediately.