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ADOPTION PENDING AND SUCCESSFUL MS POLAR BEAR was relinquished by her owner. This dog was well cared for, groomed, well fed and given appropriate med care. She is an all white, 1-2 year old GSD. She is somewhat obedience trained, heart worm NEG and affectionate.
Some time ago she was attacked by a BobCat and developed a fear of being attacked. I had the chance to be with her today for a few hours. She was extremely friendly, gives paw readily, like to get into the car, is obedient, good on a leash and she seems to be calm. The report from her former care takers (the grooming and boarding facility where she went frequently) related to us that she was quite protective of her male owner. We have learned that he has since passed and she was protective of him and his space. I saw nothing of that at all. The secondary caretaker, the wife, was not a fan and relegated her outside after the male was gone. She needs to be resocialized which in my opinion will be a task that is easy to accomplish. She is treat oriented and eager to please. She has quite a bit of basic obedient and did, before the attack, go into play groups at doggy day care regularly. She needs to get that level of attention and training again. One of our trainers is starting that tomorrow (4/2/19) and will work with her daily for a week or so until we can get her in a foster home. We have not seen her with kids and as the owners were over 80 we suggest no kids, just young adults (13 and up for her at this time. We are just not able to assess her with smaller children. She weighs about 50 pounds and she is on the smaller side. She is quite agile and would be a great dog to run with. We are anxious to turn this girl around. If you can help by fostering her, or if she is just the dog you are looking for, please call us,

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