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HANDSOME YEAZY HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY YEAZY has come into the rescue as an owner relinquishment. His owner decided he no longer wanted this handsome 5 year old dog and dropped him at the vet to be euthanized. The vet asked the person to take the dog herself as she was unwilling to put a perfectly terrific dog down as the moron requested. The vet took him in and pent a week or so with the dog. She made sure he was up to date on all shots, he was already neutered, and he is HW NEG. He does have a thyroid condition which is easy to maintain and quite inexpensive. Other than that he is a really sweet loving dog who needs a great family to call his own.
Yeazy is 89 pounds and with the proper thyroid meds he should drop about 5-10 pounds over time. He is in great physical shape but overweight. His hips are good and he is a playful happy dog. He is good with people, cats, small dogs and he is house broken and friendly. He does pull a bit on a lead but with basic training can correct that easily. We do require any adopters to take a basic obedience course of 6 weeks in any socialized training school they wish. Yeazy is chipped and we will re-register him for the new owner. We have had him now for a few days and he has been evaluated by our team and a training facility in the Naples area called Sit means Sit and they have expressed a willingness to train him at a low cost to sharpen his skills and make him a better leash walker.
If Yeazy is right for your family, please call us for a meeting. He is being fostered in the Naples area.