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Currently in a 2 wk foster to adopt home.

JACKY BOY came to us originally from Miami in July 2018. He is a people dog. Super friendly and loving. He was adopted that same day by a family who has had him ever since then. Unfortunately family situations change and Jackie Boy needs to find another home. His adopted family loves him. He is sweet, he is affectionate and he loves people and to be petted. They were torn that they had to relinquish him but things happen that we can't foresee, and now he is available to love another family.

Jackie Boy is a black and tan 80% GSD, with a hint of something else in him and about 2 years old. His ears do flop but we never judge a dog by cosmetics but rather by personality. He is HW Neg, has all shots, and he weighs about 75 pounds. He is strong, healthy, and housebroken. Unfortunately we feel he was never really adequately socialized and has a some trepidation when he meets another dog. That has all but been corrected as he is living now with a GSD and has adapted extremely well to his foster home. He is a different dog from when he came in. Once introduced he seems to settle but he does need work and training. He was reported to be leash trained but here again he needs a strong leader and some corrections to get this aspect of his handling up to a good level. He is all about being touched and loved and returns that readily.
His parents wrote of him:

We recommend kids over 12 who are dog savvy but no cats. He would be best initially in a single dog household.
He lacks socialization for sure and looks to the handler to reassure him that everything is OK.
He is a great eater, great in car. Friendly with strangers and great around the house.
Loves affection and does recall, sit and paw. He is now crate trained and Housebroken.
He needs to go to group training for basic skills and socialization and to be around calm submissive dogs.
He is insecure so is a bit leash reactive, but if corrected was able to move on.
Overall he is a Great dog. Smart and wants to please but has issue in understanding just how to do that. He needs an active person who will give him proper direction and someone who is savvy with stubborn dogs and a good leader.
I like how responsive he is to commands. He is a somewhat soft spirited dog but stubborn at times.
Jack is a 2 yr old German Shepherd + a touch of something else. He may have something else in his DNA but to us he is all GSD by his traits and actions. He's a sweet boy, very affectionate and loyal, eager to please. Extremely intelligent. The only command he knew was sit when he came in.
He learned a bunch of commands in about 15 minutes. If you tell him "bed", he'll get in his bed. His first owner said, "He's a gentleman on a leash" but we know that he definitely needs a strong handler.
He uses his nose very well and could be a candidate for SAR with 6 months of work!!!

Jack is high energy, still has puppy in him. Housebroken, likes his toys and not at all destructive. Well behaved when we are not at home. Not a profuse Barker but will alert. When he was transferred to rescue he did bark considerably when his mom and dad left.
According to his first owners, "Jack is a little skittish with loud noises and thunderstorms", which is natural. He's doing much better with the storms, doesn't run and hide, but will like to be by you.
Jack would thrive in a home without infants and toddlers as screaming his not his thing. The first owners grandchildren have over-run the house and Jackie was stressed by all of the excitement. He is great around older kids, just the infants and chaos that is our home now, which makes him stressed. We love him and want what's best for him.

If Jackie works for your family please call us to set up a visit. In the mean time he is remaining with his now foster parents.

update: 1/6/2019 I had a chance to spend 6 hrs with Jackie Boy and Doug our FABULOUS FOSTER on Sunday. Doug has done wonders for Jackie's confidence, and he was a perfect dog at the Woofstock event in Naples. Jackie is polite, great with people, kids and dogs. He loves being in the spotlight and got petted and loved by 100 people at the event. Please, if you want a perfect dog who is not all GSD, Jackie Boy is a great candidate.