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  • Monday, November 05 2018 @ 08:08 pm EST
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JACKY came to us originally from Miami in July 2018. He is a people dog. Super friendly and loving. He was adopted that same day by a family who has had him ever since then.
Jacky is a rambunctious active dog. He wasn't clearly suitable for every home but did get adopted and returned twice, mostly because he needed a firm hand, training and a single dog home. After the second return, we placed him in foster with one of our well trained and qualified foster families. He has remained there for over 2 years. He was housed with their dog named Bo, another GSD. He and Bo have co-existed in harmony for over 2 years but recently he and Bo were involved in a fight and he was returned to us.
Because Jacky is trained, housebroken, obedient, affectionate and loyal, we have decided to seek another family to adopt him. He had never had an issue before and we do not contemplate his having issues in the future. We recommend that he go to a single dog household with a strong leader and that he go back into social training to establish that leadership and control with his new family. We are confident that Jacky is a great dog that needs the right environment and leadership in order to thrive.
Strong willed dogs need solid leadership and training, with both he will do well. We do not recommend he be placed in a home with cats or kids.
Jackie is neutered, HW Neg, UTD on shots and already house broken and obedient. He is dog friendly on the street and has been fine for these past years with a roommate but as of this rehoming, we do not recommend that he be housed with another animal.