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HANDSOME ROOKEE IS STAYING WITH FAMILY Here's Rookee, our newest rescue! He came in today 13 Oct 2018. He was relinquished due to the owner having a stroke and can no longer care for him. He was originally purchased from Germany from great lines to be a medical alert service dog. The owner then, a relative, passed away, and the dog was given to the current owner. He is house broken, somewhat trained, extremely eager to learn and a typical Shep, aloof at first until you get the nose. He is OK with other dogs, but as always, we do a proper meet and greet. No info on cats. He is 4 years old, Sable, a bit chunky and walks well on a leash. Suitable for most families, but he is a big boy and needs a strong leader and a JOB!
He is a male GSD, sable in color, 4 years old, HW Neg, has a chip, all shots and will be snipped and clipped (neutered) next week. He comes with a free tongue extender! He is currently in Port Charlotte but will move to a Naples foster next week. Rookee was imported and has that German wide head and face. He is marked up a bit from play and some real encounters with his sister. They have had some rough play in the past. From what we know the owner had 2 dogs. One, a female, was his and Rookee, who came to him after a relative passed away. He took him in and really didn't spend much time training him. The dogs were left to their own play and rough-housing for these past 3 years.
From what i see his hips are excellent and his health perfect. He actually was using my personal vet, Punta Gorda Animal Hospital for his entire life. If this handsome dog is someone you want for your own, call me. 941 740 0074