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Duke has been here just a few weeks now. He has made an unbelievable transition from a defeated dog to a happy, engaged one. From despair to a prancing happy affectionate boy. He is 7 but don't let that fool you, he's got some quality living to do. We went to Fisherman's Village last Sunday with Oliver, my big goofy long hair. They did wonderful together. He met ever kid in the place and quite a few people and loved them all. He was passed by 20 small dogs and weird people and was a perfect gentleman.... Please if you are looking for a quality companion, Duke is your man. DUKE came to us today 10-7 from a small shelter in the Pan Handle of FL. He was in deplorable shape. He had not been bathed in probably a year, nor brushed nor cared for. His nails were excessively long and he has two open abscesses on his neck. Duke was a mess and did I mention he stunk. I spent hours on this boy brushing out his under coat and dead hair and treating his wound with Diane. I filled a Home Depot 5 gal. bucket with hair then took him for a bath. I bathed him 3 times to get the stench out and then brushed him again. He now smells like a flower, his fur is bright and he is a happy boy. We treated his wound and he will be at the vets tomorrow for more specific treatment of his abscess. He saw the vet today and is on his HW protocol, abscess treatment and received the rest of his vaccinations. Tomorrow he gets a drain put in and a chip.
Duke is a 7 year old, heart worm POS black and tan GSD. He weighs 70 pounds which is 20 pounds down from what he should be for his frame. He appears to be housebroken and he is crate trained. He has all basic obedience skills and was definitely someone's dog until they dumped him. He has the temperament of a saint. He is dog, and people, friendly. We do not recommend him with cats or super small dogs as he seems to want to chase them. He is just a mush with people and met 2 kids today and was the same way. He loves touch and couldn't get enough of rubs while he was being scrubbed and at the vets as well!
Duke has had all shots. He will be fostered in Ft Myers and will begin his HW treatment tomorrow. We feel very strongly about this boy. He is so sweet and calm. He went from a shelter to a plane to Punta Gorda airport (2.5 hour flight), thanks again to Pilots for Paws, and then drove to my house where he was put through the ringer... almost literally, after brushing and bathing. He will rest comfortable this evening.

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