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HALE DOGGY DOORS DISCOUNTS FOR ADOPTERS Hale Pet Doors’ Rescue Rewards program
If you have ever adopted a pet, Hale Pet Door will give you a 10 percent discount on your purchase. In addition, when you mention our organization they will match this amount with a donation for us. It’s all part of Hale’s Rescue Rewards program to encourage shelter adoptions. For information, pricing and ordering, call (800) 646­4773.

“A Door to Somewhere”
You Adopt/We Donate

If you have ever adopted a pet from a rescue or shelter, you saved a life.
Hale Pet Door wants to reward you for that.

When you purchase a Hale Pet Door, let us know that you adopted your pet.
We will give you a 10 percent discount off the retail price of the pet door!

Let us know the name of the organization from which you adopted your pet and we will donate a matching 10 percent amount to them.

It is “win­win” for our customers, the rescue groups, and most of all, the pets who can enjoy a brand new
Hale Pet Door in their very own forever home.

When you purchase one of our pet doors on our website, www.halepetdoor.com, be sure to let us know
during the "checkout" process that you adopted your pet and fill in the name of the rescue organization.
Or give us a call at 800­646­4773.

CORPORATE OFFICES: 213 S. 8th Street, Canon City, CO 81212 / 1­800­646­4773 info@halepetdoor.com / www.halepetdoor.com