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LAILA HAS A NEW HOME LAILA came in to us today 7/15 from Miami. She is about 1.5 years old and super people sweet. She is not socialized and once introduced is dog friendly but NO CATS. She did come in with a sibling who was immediately adopted out. She is now crate trained and has learned to sit when being leashed. She is really easy to bond with but needs training and socialization. I have her in my office and she is calm, not destructive when you are present but did try to get to me the first time I left and scratched the door frame. She did zero damage to anything else in the office and when I came back she was sitting in the hall waiting for me. She is engaged, affectionate and she is house trained (I am 90% sure of that). She shows no aggression to people with food (eats out of m y hand), with kids or with any stimulus besides dogs approaching her crate. I will know more later but I wanted to get her up on the net asap. She is people friendly and extremely attentive and affectionate. SHE WILL NEED TRAINING AND SOCIALIZATION IMMEDIATELY AS SHE WAS PROBABLY LEFT ALONE OUTSIDE WITH JUST HER SIBLING AND DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO REACT WITH OTHER DOGS. I did introduce her to my neutral dog Rudy and once she was introduced she did very well, when she met my Golden in her crate she reacted until she was corrected. She is spayed HW Neg has all shots and chipped. Laila is on the small side, she weighs about 50 pounds or a bit less. She is primarily black but she is a black and tan and on the small side. She has a fabulous gate and runs like the wind... great to watch. I tested her with a ball and she has never seen it or toys. She did eat a bit but she is bewildered by all that has happened today and this week. She lost her sister Nova who was adopted today and she must adjust to a new home. She is sweet and if you are looking for loving companion she fits the bill 100%.

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