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https://www.naplestopdogs.com/ten-qui...ining-tips Ten Quick Dog Training Tips
By Allison Christian•21 Jun, 2018•0 Comments
These simple tip will make a huge difference in your dog training efforts.

Keep training Short, Sweet and Successful 3-5 minutes 2-3x per day

Take baby steps, Duration, Distractions and Distance Always increase, but if failing, take a step back

Play with your dog, unwanted behaviors can be avoided with exercise and mental stimulation ie.puzzles

Always read what your dog is saying to you, they are talking but just not in english

Behaviors reinforced are behaviors that will increase, positive reinforcement will always get more from your dog, as long as they are rewarded in timely fashion

You can always tell your dog what not to do but instead tell your dog what you want them to do, set them up for success!

Patience and consistency are key! It will not happen overnight but it will pay off!

Always reward your dog for coming to you, even if they have done something wrong

Make sure your dog is receiving a proper diet, if you are feeding raw, or especially home cooked meals, make sure you are feeding appropriately

Make sure to socialize your dog, this does not always mean with other dogs, but with men, children, strangers and handicapped individuals.