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FABULOUS AND EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR CAR SICKNESS Essential oil use for car sickness/nausea/vomiting in car by Shari Waite

When I got Louie he vomited every time we drove in the car. 5 min or 55 min it didn't matter. Although cerenia, a veterinary RX worked it is $20 bucks a car ride, and can’t be used daily.

When I was introduced to essential oils I was a skeptic. But it worked! Every time!
So I will share it.

Here are 2 possibilities. Both options can be purchased from young living essential oils. Their oils are pure. I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of any other brands. I do not sell their products!


Premixed oil:
The first product is Paragize. It’s an oil mix that you can use right from the bottle without diluting it.
Apply a drop to your hand and rub on a bandana and tie around the dogs neck.
Apply a drop to a cotton ball and put it in the car vent to infuse the car. Place the cotton ball in a ziplock for next car ride.

DIY oil mix:
The second option is to purchase peppermint oil and ginger oil and mix with either coconut oil or sweet almond oil and put in a dark glass container or spritzer bottle.
It can then be applied to a bandana or cotton swab.
It can be applied to the dogs abdomen area but honestly the bandana makes it easily removable from the dog should they not like it.
Oils are potent and more is not better!

SEE allnaturalpetcare.com

This remedy has been tried by our volunteers and proven to work. The cost is almost zero as compared to $20 per trip with meds from the pharmacy. For further info reach out to Shari Waite