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PUPPY SUGAR HAS A HOME PUPPY SUGAR is a 5 month old black and tan female GSD. She was brought to a shelter last week (5/4/18) covered in fleas, filthy and in poor shape. She is now flea free and she looks fabulous. This dog has a high drive and out going personality. She is exceptionally people and dog friendly, untested with cats but as she in in my home, we will get a better idea of her kitty reactions.
She has not been spayed but that will happen the week she is adopted at our clinic at Gulf Coast Humane in Ft Myers.
She is heartworm Neg and weighs 51 pounds. Her ears and like radar towers and her eyes soft and friendly.
I spent 2 hours with Sugar and 2 other GSD's today at Fisherman's Village. I can only tell you that she did so magnificantly that I was blown away. She was obedient, loving with 50 kids, gave belly to everyone, took treats, met numerous dogs and probably 50 adults and was just perfect.
If you are interested in this fabulous puppy give me a call at 941 575 0243.