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CLIFFORD WILL BE STAYING WITH HIS FOSTER DAD CLIFFORD came into the rescue today 4/10 from Gulf Coast. He had been transferred from Cleweston to them. He has been neutered and he has healed from that. His ears come up only 1/3 of the way, but since cosmetics is a zero on our adoption criteria list, he is perfect. He was started on Doxy for his Heartworm which will be treated by Gulf Coast as soon as he finishes his pre-med cycle. He is a big boy weighing in at 75 pounds now but he will weigh 90+ when he gets proper nutrition. He is in a foster in Naples where we will make sure he gets training and great food to build him up. I ( tested him with cats and he was far too interested to be sure he would be OK with them). I did not test him in a play group but i did see his positive reaction to a lab we met when leaving the shelter.
He is extremely smart and aware but has no real formal training. He is the most affectionate dog you will ever meet. He is engaged and super sweet and loving to everyone. He is responsive immediately to voice and he is extremely social. He seems to have a preference towards women but his foster and i are males and he was a perfect gentleman with us. He has now fallen in love with Rick and he continues to impress us all. He was petted by lots of people while I was at the shelter and he did great with kids. He is a calm dog, walks well on a lead and he seeks out attention everywhere. He gets a bit woosy in a car but tolerates it. he is a lousy eater but his foster is making him people food dinners and he is doing well on them.

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