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SWEET SOPHIE WAS RETURNED TO HER FAMILY HOME AND FAMILY SOPHIE came into the rescue last night 3/12. She was dumped on the street in Port Charlotte by some moron...; you may say how do I know he was a moron, well the dog had a collar and phone number and name on it when she was found. The person who found her was a prior dog adopter of ours who has a love for these dogs and the breed. She saw the collar and thought the dog was lost and phoned the owner. She was told off and to never call this number again... he stated that he did not want her and basically dumped her.... We were able to take her in and she is in foster. She will be spayed and given shots and a chip this week.
Sophie is about 50 pounds. She is extremely affectionate and dog friendly. She is untested with cats. She seeks out touch and was great when I evaluated her today. Her temperament is calm and submissive and she would make a great pet for any family. She probably needs some training but appears housebroken and well cared for. She is all white and probably a bit of a mix Shep-Hiusky but as we are always willing to help dogs like this, we decided to take her in. She appears to be health and was living inside all of her life. If you want a calm dog who would complete your family, please call us to check our Sophie.

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