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SUPER SWEET GRETCHEN HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY GRETCHEN is a 10 year old female, spayed, black and tan GSD. She loves kids, babies, cats and dogs and is about the calmest dog you will ever meet. She is super laid back. She has been integrated into a foster pack and she is just as at home as she was in her original home. She seems to have an ear issue which is being treated. She likes walks but probably not the biggest ball player around. She loves to cuddle soft toys and to be by your side. She is a velcro dog.
She weighs about 70 pounds and she is in great health for her age. Her hips seem just fine to me but she can stand to loose 10 pounds to be at a better weight. She was owned by a family in Venice originally where the parents were hospitalized and she was given to the kids. They had 3 dogs of their own already and 2 very small babies and thus could not take on more responsibility. She is a total mush and bonds in seconds. She is on one ear meds, house broken and totally trained, not destructive or demanding, just sweet. She is HW Neg, house trained, obedience trained and very calm.