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MACY HAS A NEW HOME MACY came to us today Monday 10/23 with her boyfriend from LCDAS. She and her friend Rex were street strays, or a more accurate way of saying they were dumped by some moron who chose not to care for them or retrieve them after being taken in by animal control. She was already chipped and the owner chose not to come get either of them. Macy unfortunately is HW POS and as always we will treat her and get her back on the road to good health. Treatment takes 6-8 weeks of being calm and quiet during the shot protocol but after that she will be as good as new.
Macy is a 5-6 year old female black and tan spayed female GSD with a black saddle and a beautiful face. She is a talker but calmed down quickly when reunited with her boyfriend. These dog can be adopted together but we usually do break them up based on the home that they go into and the family. She weighs about 75 pounds and she is a large girl. She does like to run and our foster jogged with her almost 1/2 a mile and she appeared to love it. It really made her happy to get out of the shelter and into the loving home of our foster parents. This is a seemingly housebroken trained dog who needs love and affection to make her a great dog.

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