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REX AKA TAYLOR HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY I first saw Rex last week, before he was released by the shelter for rescue. I named him Taylor but I was over-ridden by my foster who thinks he looks more like a Rex, so Rex it is!
Rex is a neutered male semi long costed sable. He weighs about 75 pounds and he is basically healthy and in good shape. he is HW NEG which is a relief but we did see a slight limp on his rear left leg. That could simply be from his neutering or a thorn as we saw nothing last week hat resembled a limp. We think that Rex is about 6 years old. he is engaged, super calm, sweet with people and pays no attention to other dogs. He is non-reactive to most things we saw but now that he is in a foster we will observe him and report on his temperament as we see changes. He came in with a spayed female who I named Macy and she is also available for adoption. She has a different record here on the site. We do think that both of these dogs are housebroken and did come from a home but were dumped in Ft Myers for some reason.. which i will never be able to understand. His temperament is that of a house dog and he immediately takes to people. We brushed him thoroughly and he was bathed today and loved it all. If Rex could have the perfect home it would be with a family who would give him the love and exercise he needs to stay a healthy dog.

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