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ON NOVEMBER 20TH AT 5:30 PM THERE WILL BE A RIBBON CUTTING EVENT AT THE CHARLOTTE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION NAMING THEIR NEW BUILDING THE 'HOFFER CENTER FOR PHILANTHROPY' Diane, my daughter Kelly and I would like to invite anyone wishing to come to a ceremony naming the main building at the Charlotte Community Foundation THE 'HOFFER CENTER FOR PHILANTHROPY'.
The ceremony will be held on Nov 20th at 5:30pm at the Charlotte Community Foundation, 227 Sullivan St, Punta Gorda, FL 33950.
Our family feels strongly about helping others within our community and we have done so now for almost 16 years since relocating here from NJ. Our German Shepherd Rescue is just one component of our overall program, albeit the most visible. We have worked with numerous 501C3's such as the Gollasino Children's Hospital, The Harry Chapin Food Bank, Cooper Street, CARE, The AWL and The Gulf Coast Humane Society to mention a few.
The guidelines of our Foundation provide for assistance to help those non-profits with the same or like missions primarily involving kids and animals. To that end, we have partnered with the CCF to help fund those worthy non-profits through their programs in addition to the continuation of our own Foundations programs. In recognition of that effort, the Board at the CCF have honored us with naming their building after us. We are humbled by this, and all of us truly appreciate the recognition. We hope that many more members of our community will use our involvement with this organization as a basis to do something themselves with the CCF to help people living in Charlotte County. There will be more on this published soon, but please save the date to spend the early evening with us....