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SASHA HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY SASHA came to us today from a local family. Their story was that they got her from Craigs list with a sob story from a person who wanted to get rid of her. He played their heart strings like a violin and they took this super sweet dog home with them.
The fact is that both husband and wife are in no condition to handle a semi active 5 year old dog. Sasha is a sweet dog who like people and other dogs. She was tested today by our Rudy who gave her his seal of approval. She was calm with him and completely non reactive. She is a social dog and has bonded with her new family for the 6 weeks they have had her. We do not know her history which is definitely suspect to say the least. She was already spayed and now has all shots and she is HW Neg. All good signs. She is a calm dog but does love to play ball and she needs to get out and run as she is a bit of a porker. She could lose 10 pounds and be far more healthy. She is playful and would do well with a family who could give her exercise and play ball with her daily. She has never been off the leash with her new family and has suffered for that inactivity. She has not been tested with cats nor small kids but from what I see cats would be a big question while kids would be OK once tested adequately. She is currently being housed with her adopted family in Port Charlotte and will remain there until adopted for continuity sake. If this sweetheart is of interest to you please call.

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