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HANDSOME MAX 11 HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY I have a dilemma in deciding what to do with a dog I evaluated this evening. His name is Max (now to be called Max11 on the web site) He is an in-tact puppy, 1 year old. He came from working lines and is owned by a 75 year old woman who purchased him from a local, so called breeder, who should never have offered a dog to this person. The dog has had some training (as a small puppy) but nothing after that. He has never known an alpha in the family and now at 1 has decided to be in charge. He is not dangerous, but in a puppy sort of a way can be intimidating if you take him seriously. He loves and is really affectionate to his owner and her family, to their 2 other dogs and to their cat. He thinks protecting his weaker owner is his job and i believe he can be taught that that is unnecessary, once he has the right teacher and focus. He is not right for the family and they want to re-home him immediately. He can be anything from a K9 drug dog to a super family pet, based in total on his ability to learn and become more social and outgoing. I like the dog and I can't decide which way I should go. I have decided to put him on the web site, not put him in a foster, and see what responses I get from the field. I will have to make a decision once we return after 10/3/2017.
SOME DETAIL: Max11 weighs about 50 pounds and is going to be about 75 pounds when fully grown. He is a handsome black and tan super energetic male who had not been neutered as yet. He is HW Neg, has a chip and all shots. He has gone through a Star Puppy Class but has had zero training thereafter. He is reactive in a puppy sort of a way when you first meet him and is protective of his owner but that is primarily insecurity and is not aggressive or dangerous in any way. I would not recommend him to a family with small kids unless they were able to spend the 3-5 months it will take in re-socializing and training him in basic social and obedience skills. He is playful, likes to swim, cat friendly, loves to play ball, keep away and needs leash training. If you are interested in Max please call for an appointment as he needs to go to a special and qualified family.


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