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HANDSOME HARLEY1 HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY We got Harley1 in originally in March of 2017 from Charlotte County. He was turned in by his family who could no longer keep him. He is a sweet male GSD. He weighs about 85 pounds, neutered, healthy, HW Neg and has all shots and a chip. Harley1 is now 6 years old and has lived with his former family now for a year. He was extremely people, kid and dog friendly and of course must be introduced appropriately. Since we have not had him for quite some time we need to re-establish a temperament profile for him. He was depressed and confused when I got him as he was just dropped off and his life fell apart and now that has happened again. When I got him last year, I took him for a day spa afternoon where he had a bath and had his nails done. He loved it. he had some treats and off we went to the foster. At the foster he met 2 dogs, a female GSD who outweighed him and a delightful mix who he immediately took to. He had a great meeting and felt at home in about 5 minutes.
Based on my assessment then, I do not have any idea why this handsome, calm boy was dumped, but thankfully he was dumped with a shelter that has some terrific people there who called me to re-home him. Once he hit our door he was a perfect gentleman and totally social. In petting him we did see some hand shyness which is indicative of either a strong handed owner or some rambunctious kids. probably the former. We gave him a meal and he ate very well. He needed to gain 6-7 pounds which he has and is healthy. He takes treats super gently and he is extremely affectionate. His hand shyness will disappear quickly as he becomes more sure of only love with a hand and not discipline. As of now 4/11/18 he is available immediately. He is being fostered with 5 other dogs in port Charlotte.

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