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UPDATE WE HAVE A FAMILY COMING TO SEE HIM AND HOPEFULLY ADOPT HIM ON SATURDAY. MAX NUMBER 10 was turned into us today 8/12/17 because his owners just had a baby and the baby is allergic to him. They truly love him and are distraught in relinquishing him. The situation is that they need to rehome him as quickly as possible. Max10 arrived at 3pm to Punta Gorda and will be housed in Bonita with a foster mom.He is one super affectionate dog. What a great boy. he loves everyone and is calm and yet he loves his walks and to be petted. This dog deserves a great semi active family and would be great with kids of any age.
Max 10 is about 8.5 years old and in perfect health. He is an active dog and very engaged with going out and playing with his mom. He has been in the home for 7.5 of his 8.5 years and was originally rescued out of state. He is a neutered black and tan GSD weighing about 90 pounds and in excellent health HW Neg and trained, chipped and great with people and dogs. Max is coming in to us Sat at 3 pm so if you are interested in Max 10 please arrange a meet and greet. His owner wrote: Erik, thank you for your help. Max is a good dog, he's been my buddy for a long time. I did adopt Max as an adult dog in 2010. He loves walking. He will sleep all day, but when he hears me get the leash he gets very excited. He has kept me in shape. MAX DOES NOT LIKE CATS. He hates them with a passion. He has dug a hole or two in the back yard, but other than that he is obedient. This truly breaks my heart to have to do this, but Max deserves an attentive loving home.


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