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BIG BEAR TALON HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY TALON came to us today with his brother Vortex. Talon by any standards is FAT. He weighs 145 and is a big porker. The reason he is so big is that he has recently been off his Thyroid meds and has balooned up. His hips have suffered and he needs to loose 15-20 pounds asap. he has been reduce the 1 cup of food 2x a day but even with the reduced diet he is still fat. That weight issue has a few remedies but first and foremost he needs his meds which we have provided and exercise which he is not getting. His owners have had some serious medical issues and he has suffered as a result.
His owners do love him immeasurably and he has always been in a loving home.
Talon loves people and dogs and has been untested with cats, so cats are a NO. We have seen him in action and he gets tired after 15 minutes which means he needs to be out and about 4-5 times a day to tone up and get the weight off. His hips have appears to suffer from the weight but we have seen no medical issues with his hips, only his Thyroid.
Talon is a couch potato and would, if given the opportunity, be on your lap. He thinks he weighs 50 pounds and can't understand why sitting on your would be an issue. He looks like a bear when he stand up next to you. He is extremely affectionate and tolerant and would be great in a family with kids.... but because of his size and docile temperament he probably will go to an older more sedate family. Talon loves being touched and would be a great companion for anyone looking fora service type dog for an otherwise sedate person.