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UPDATE VORTEX'S ANAL FISTULAS HAVE ALMOST HEALED ON HIS MEDS AND HE IS A NEW DOG!!! He was put on meds a few weeks ago and has healed up nicely. A dog with this issue has to be on the right food, not too rich and suitable for his unique issues. Once that was done, and the proper meds given he did not need laser treatment and is now ready to be adopted by some lucky family. VORTEX CAME TO US TODAY 6/8 IN NEED OF A NEW FAMILY. His family has been great to him and he loves them very much. It will be hard saying goodbye but financial issues and health problems have plagued the family for quite some time and unfortunately the dog(s) have to be re-homed. Vortex came in with Brother Talon both of whom are 6 years old. Vortex is a slim 95 pounds but quite active and extremely loving. He has been with kids and adults and other dogs for his whole life. He is not OK with cats but fine with people, kids and other dogs of all breeds.
Vortex has a problem (from birth) with Perineal Festulas and needs 2 meds and good food. The food is easy and we have no problems with our dog who had the same issue, but the two meds can run up to $200 per month. There are other meds that have worked well at 1/3 that rate but for now that is a worst case scenario and it is important to know. We believe that the proper food alone can address and resolve the issues as it has with our Baxter but it needs to be tested on Vortex to make sure it could work.
Vortex is a lover and although will protect the house, wants to be with you 24/7. He does not have any aggression nor does he exhibit any separation anxiety issues at all. He is somewhat trained but could use a refresher course. He is definitely great with normal everyday commands and he is responsive to anyone he meets immediately. He has lived his entire 6 year life with his Brother Talon and 2 pugs in the same home. He has always been inside. He loves fetch and human interaction. He would be a great agility dog.