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PUPPY BUNNY HAS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY We have an unbelievable 3.5 month old blind puppy. Her name is Bunny. She was born blind and has some light and dark tonal vision but for the most part she is blind. She has been with a foster now for almost 2 months and she has done extremely well. She is super social with everyone and every dog and cat. She is playful and engaged and follows your voice and scent. She is pretty much house trained and can pee and poop outside on the grass. She is very attentive and engaged and loves to play and to be petted. She can become a lap dog if permitted. If you think BUNNY may be a good fit for your family please call for a visit.
We originally got Bunny in from Gulf Coast where she was dropped off. She was a tiny pup and her ears were already up and working. She was immediately engaged with people and is extremely loving. She navigates really well and follows your voice and scent perfectly but she needs training and a FAMILY WITH THE TIME TO PUT INTO HER. She would be best with a retired family or where someone is home all of the time to work her every day in scenting and learning basics. She is great with other dogs and cats and immediately wants to play. She met all of my dogs and was excellent with them. If Bunny sounds like a great new family member please call to see her. She is in Foster in Ft Myers.