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NOVA IS STAYING WITH HER FAMILY NOVA came to us yesterday 5/20/17 and is being given up by a loving family who has relocated and cannot take her with them. Nova is 13 months old and really has not been socialized well. She is somewhat trained and people affectionate. She has never had rules with dog on dog behavior and takes a few minutes to establish acceptance. We did introduce her to our dogs and she did OK but needs a socialization class, strong leadership and training to get her totally around. She will take a six week course in basic obedience and she will be a fantastic dog. She needs to release energy and can use some quality time with good leadership to get that anxiety out of her system. She takes treats well, walks well on a leash and she is great with people. Being a baby she still had to be guided as to what are the right behaviors but she is a great sweet and loving dog that would make a family an excellent pat. If you are looking for a young female the Nova is your girl. She is spayed, house broken, somewhat trained and not destructive. She is crate trained and responsive to praise and touch.