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UPDATE A FAMILY IS COMING WEDNESDAY TO ADOPT HIM BALOO is a 3 year old handsome well behaved and super social, male, black and tan gsd. He is neutered, has all shots and NW Neg. He was surrendered last week 4/15 because the family just had no time for him. He is an ACTIVE DOG in need of lots of stimulation and play not to mention training and learning who is alpha to him. Baloo was fostered out to a family with another dog and they just get on tremendously. He is a social dog all about play. He loves people and would be great in most any household. He would be somewhat over the top with small kids because he is super active but with 10+ kids he would be all about play and just fine. He does have separation anxiety and is crate trained but he is also an escape artist and can possible be destructive if left alone uncrated and unsupervised. He does need someone with 24 hour supervision otherwise he needs to be secured in a crate. Training and stimulation will take these traits out of his behaviors quickly, but as he was left alone for 10+ hrs daily for almost 3 years time he needs to understand that the owner will come back for him, He has developed anxiety and the need for human contact. He is housebroken and when with another dog or person is a perfect gentleman. Baloo is neutered and HW Neg and a great family dog. He will not last long so if he is of interest place call.