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I received this article by Mary Nelsen who is obviously passionate about her German Shepherd. She offered to pen an article from her experiences and asked that i post it. The article appears, as written, below.
Enjoy! Why You Should Get a German Shepherd Puppy
When you're considering getting a dog, there are many different choices regarding the breed. What makes German Shepherds unique? Here are different reasons you should get a German Shepherd puppy instead of other dog breeds.
Methods of Training
German Shepherds are easy to train. Unlike other dog breeds, these German celebrities listen to their trainers and owner and know how to follow instructions that are given. These two factors make these dogs easy to train in a lot less time than other breeds. Although German Shepherds are one of the easiest dog breeds to train, one thing you want to avoid doing is focusing upon their wrong doings. These dogs are intelligent, but not perfect, and focusing on their mistakes during training can deter the dog. Do not mix positive and negative training aspects. You can confuse the dog, and it will not know whether it will be punished or rewarded for its actions.
Grooming Standards
If you are considering becoming a pet owner, but don't want to be responsible for frequent grooming, getting a German Shepherd is ideal. They shed seasonally, but their luxurious, multi-color coat does not require a rigorous upkeep schedule. German Shepherds have a double coat that needs to be brushed daily to decrease shedding. Using a de-shredder comb can help tremendously with collecting and maintaining loose fur. The coat of a German Shepherd contains natural oils that require this dog to have a bath every four to five months. Avoid over-washing the dog to avoid stripping its coat of essential oils. German Shepherds shed their coat twice each year.
Very Active
German Shepherds are very active and make the perfect workout buddy. These dogs enjoy exercise, spending time outside, including going on jogs, hikes and running. German Shepherds have high energy levels and exercise needs. These high-energy dogs require exercise on a daily basis. They were bred to perform work on farms and help with other tasks, such as hunting. German Shepherds can complete a full day of work without becoming exhausted. These dogs require a steady routine of mental and physical stimulation. German Shepherds don't mind working hard. They are great at herding. They can herd pastoral animals and livestock.
Health Concerns
People stay away from these loving dogs because of their health problems which include canine hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Contrary to the popular belief of many people, a lot of dogs suffer from both conditions, and they are preventable with proper exercise and well-balanced diet. Any pet owner who is considering breeding may want to become the proud owner of a German Shepherd because they have big litters. You can expect at least four, and as many as nine puppies. An owner of a German Shepherd pup can look forward to 10 to 12 solid, quality years with their dog. It may not be the longest life expectancy, but it is a long time to share and create many memorable moments.
German Shepherds take being a hero to heart. They are known for their courage. A German Shepard canine soldier by the name of Filax was honored for bringing more than 50 wounded soldiers to safety during WWI. Another thing German Shepherds are known for are their ways of protection. They are always alert, observant, and particular about who enters their home. Out of all the dog breeds, the German Shepherd ranks third as the smartest dog breed. These dogs are intelligent and eager to learn new things.

The Popular Appeal
German Shepherds are the second most popular breed in America because of their adaptable capabilities. People are fond of these dogs because of their character traits and beautiful appearance. German Shepherds are the type of dogs who enjoy all types of weather. They have a double-layer coat that enables them to endure all weather instances. German Shepherds are extremely fond of homes with large yards. If you live in an apartment, the good news is German Shepherds are highly adaptive to their surroundings. As long as these dogs get enough exercise on a daily basis, they will be fine.
All In the Family
People become owners of German Shepherds for family purposes. These dogs are loyal to their family and make ideal playmates when they are properly socialized. German Shepherds make great adoptions. Adopting a dog is a win-win situation. When you adopt a dog, you save a life and give a dog a loving home. More people love German Shepherds than you may think. More than 3.4 million German Shepherds are comfy and cozy in homes around the United States.
The Colors of Life
German Shepherds are a large breed of dog. They can weigh as much as 95 pounds and reach a maximum height of 26 inches. A German Shepherd's weight and height make them ideal breeds for protection. Some people are fond of German Shepherds because of their color variations. There are more than 11 color variations. These variations include black and tan, black and white, solid black, black and red, black and cream, black and silver, blue, sable gray, white, tan with black spotting, solid red, black white and tan, sable black and white, and sable black and red.
German Shepherds are great dogs to have in the family. They have a variety of talents. Because of their many talents, movie directors put them in more than 20 Hollywood films. They are everything you need in a pet, companion, and friend. Whether you are adopting or getting your new family member from a breeder, make sure you as well as your home is ready for a furry friend.
About the Author
Mary Nielsen is a passionate dog lover, blogger and part-time music teacher. She started MySweetPuppy.net to share her ups and downs of being a pet parent to a bunch of adorable mutts. When she is not playing with them or teaching, you can find her experimenting in the kitchen.