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  • Tuesday, May 24 2016 @ 12:14 pm UTC
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We are now offering an AKC SANCTIONED STAR PUPPY CLASS IN OUR NORTH FT MYERS SCHOOL SOUTHWEST FLORIDA K9 SERVICES our recommended training school located at our Kennels in North Ft Myers at 6230 Mellow Drive will be offering a STAR PUPPY class beginning in a few week. Our class will have upwards of 10 puppies aged 12 weeks to 4 months of any breed. Dogs must have a health certificate to get into class. A completion certificate will be awarded for all who pass the course.
Socialization is a major factor in having a great pet. Puppies learn quickly to play appropriately and interact with other dogs in an acceptable manner my experiencing these play times in a controlled situation under the guidance of a certified instructor.
Dogs who go into this type of class are always easier to train as they learn to understand their owners alpha position and understand the benefits of touch, play, control, learning and social skills at the same time. Dogs, especially puppies, who learn in a social environment with more than 5 dogs become far more adept at coping with distractions while being commanded to perform basic tasks. These tasking such as come, leave it, sit, down and stay, and one of which could save your dogs life and make him a better pet. By having interactions with upwards of 10 different people touching their nose, toes, tail and petting them, they become more adept at understanding that hands approaching their heads or people approaching their master is not a bad thing. These social skills must be given to them as puppies since many are far more difficult to learn as adolescents.
Call Rusty Graham at 1 239 633 5844 for details. the cost of the class is $165 for 6 weeks.