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THE HOFFER FAMILY FOUNDATION IN CONCERT WITH SOUTHWEST FLORIDA GERMAN SHEPHERD RESCUE HAS DONE ITS 8TH ANNUAL MONETARY GRANT TO THE HARRY CHAPIN FOOD BANK SERVING CHARLOTTE AND LEE COUNTY RESIDENTS the Hoffer Family Foundation has contributed more than $80,000 toward supporting the work of the Harry Chapin Food Bank. This year, for the 8th consecutive year we have donated $10,000 or more in a matching challenge to the residents of Charlotte and Lee Counties. This has been done to help stimulate local donations to this tremendously worthy and vital cause. Every dollar donated to the HCFB buys $6.00 worth of food for distribution to those families in need in our area.

Our Foundation also supports the Ya Ya Girls who pack over 1100 back packs for kids each Friday. These dedicated volunteers have partnered up with the HCFB to help defray expenses and to offer these kids better meals.

We are proud to support these causes along with our efforts with the AWL and Gollasino Children's hospital

If you wish to donate to any of these causes or to find out more about setting up a foundation of your own, please call us. Remember when setting up a foundation you can keep your money that you would pay in taxes regardless, here in Charlotte County, and out of the hands of the morons in Washington DC. Help your neighbors not your politicians to improve the lives of local members of our community.